We offer a wide range of expertise in civil and structural engineering, including:

BREEAM Assessment and Consultancy

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
Commercial (Offices, Industrial and Retail) BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers and designers to prove the environmental credentials of their buildings to planners and clients.

We can carry out BREEAM assessments at both design and post construction stages, ensuring you achieve Interim and Final Certification at the desired level. With our extensive experience as a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering practice, we can also provide both general and specific guidance. For example, we are able to provide energy calculations, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), flood risk assessments and site investigations.

We can offer a purely assessment service or a more comprehensive package providing consulting services and managing the collation of evidence.

Contract Administration

For schemes to be built, it is not sufficient to only design the work. It is also necessary to produce appropriate contract documents, and often supervise the works on site.

We have extensive experience of dealing with the construction process, both in a conventional consultant / contractor role, and also on a design and construct basis.

  • Preparation of contract documents, specifications, and bills of quantities
  • Invitation of tenders on behalf of clients
  • Preparation of health and safety plans
  • Acting as a CDM coordinator in accordance with the CDM regulations
  • Site supervision
  • Financial Contract
  • Acting as Party Wall Surveyor

Geo-enviromental Engineering

Most development sites are affected by contamination to some degree, and in many cases this can require significant consideration.

We have a team of staff specialising in all aspects of dealing with contaminated land, including:

  • Site investigation and the completion of desk studies, Phase 1 and 2 reports;
  • Ground investigation, including exploratory holes, sampling and monitoring; Detailed quantitative risk modelling and assessment;
  • Remediation options appraisals, with vacuum extraction, stabilisation and solidification, chemical oxidation, bioremediation, geothermal desorption and capping systems having been utilised on projects within the last two years;
  • Production of remedial strategies, implementation plans and contract documents;
  • Site supervision and verification of remedial works;
  • Design and verification of gas venting and membrane systems;
  • Liaison with the relevant regulators, such as the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and the NHBC;
  • Advising on waste management and waste management licensing.

Geotechnical Engineering

The firm's reputation and expertise has grown out of investigating and advising on building on difficult ground conditions.

We have staff specialising in surveying, supervising and reporting on ground investigation and geotechnical design. There is also a general geotechnical expertise within the firm as a whole.

Generally, we supervise trial pitting ourselves, which allows us to see the ground conditions first hand and subsequently give advice based on our own findings rather than relying on the opinion of others. We employ drilling and other specialist contractors when necessary to investigate deeper ground, or when a site dictates that specialist methods be used. We believe this approach has resulted in us having particular expertise when advising on ground conditions, and enables us to provide economical designs for foundations on difficult sites.

  • Site Investigation, from initial assessment to full ground investigation with interpretative assessment
  • Producing comprehensive foundation designs for all types of buildings and structures, including whole housing estates
  • Design of earth retaining structures and slope stability assessment
  • Preparing contract documents and supervising geotechnical processes, such as grouting of mine workings, vibro compaction of poor ground, earthworks and piling

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure consists primarily of the roads and drainage which allow access to, and for the servicing of, buildings.
We have extensive experience of designing roads, bridges, hard standings, sewers and private drainage for a wide range of projects, including industrial estates and residential developments.

  • Roads and highway design, including private roads, roads for adoption (Section 38) and modifications to existing highways (Section 278) including roundabouts and junction design
  • Site drainage systems, including private drains to individual properties, main drainage for adoption (Section 104) and works in connection with existing sewerage systems
  • The design of bridges for roads, footpaths and services
  • Miscellaneous works associated with site infrastructure, such as retaining walls, street lighting and signage
  • Pumping stations for both foul and surface water storage systems (private and adoptable)
  • Flow balancing and on-site storm water storage systems
  • Flood risk assessments and flood risk mitigation works

Mechanical & Electrical

Appropriate mechanical and electrical services are fundamental to ensure that buildings provide a safe and healthy environment for their occupants, enabling them to live and work as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

The impact a building may have on the environment has to be taken into account and minimised. We have specialist staff who are experienced in the design and selection of mechanical and electrical services for a wide range of building types, including residential properties, retail units, public buildings, sports stadia and factories.

  • Design of mechanical and electrical service installations for commercial industrial and residential buildings
  • Supervision of mechanical and electrical service installations for commercial industrial and residential buildings
  • Liaising with electricity, gas, telecommunications and water companies for utility supplies for small, medium and large developments
  • Condition surveys of existing mechanical and electrical services installation

Structural Engineering

Structural design forms the core activity of our business. We have a broad base of clients and a very varied range of structures with which we are involved, from small house extensions through to multi storey buildings with a value in excess of £30m. We aim to produce elegant, cost effective solutions for the schemes in which we are involved.

  • Structural design, foundations, frames and associated works for new buildings, from multi-storey offices to heavy industrial plants
  • Refurbishment of existing buildings
  • Assessment of the load carrying capacity of existing structures
  • Surveys of industrial and commercial buildings
  • Building Regulations checking for Local Authorities

Water Engineering

Waste water treatment is fundamental to ensuring a clean environment. We have a number of staff specialising in the design of sewage treatment works, as well as designing whole sewerage schemes.

Managing storm flows is important to prevent flooding occurring, and to minimise the risk of its occurrence. We have expertise in the assessment of storm water and drainage flows, and associated works.

We carry out design directly for the water authorities, and also provide a service to major civil engineering contractors as part of their design and build package.

  • Process design within waste water treatment works
  • Design of waste water tanks and structures
  • Design of sewerage systems and storm water attachments
  • Pumping station design
  • River works design
  • Water supply reservoirs Associated process, hydraulic and M&E design

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