Saville House, Sheffield

Refurbishment of existing nine storey office block together with construction of a new multi-storey car park

This building sits within a regeneration area and on a primary link road to the M1. Eastwood & Partners prepared the initial design for tender and post tender this was novated to the contractor with the works carried out on a design and build basis.

Structural alterations were required to accommodate new lifts, cladding and the building maintenance unit, which comprises a crane mounted on tracks on the roof. The rear of this original building was already overhanging the River Don by 4.5 m from first floor level upwards, requiring additional consideration. The accompanying highway works included widening and a new central reservation.

The new car park is on piled foundations, with a reinforced concrete frame. The client requested redesign to provide for future extension by adding five floors of offices.

Eastwood & Partners also carried out the initial site investigation which included a full phase 2 geotechnical and geoenvironmental assessment. As significant archeological interest was shown in the site, we worked alongside Sheffield City Council and York Archeological Trust to design the foundations of the new car park in a way that would allow the artefacts remaining from the site's previous use as a foundry to remain intact and in situ below the new development.

Architect: SMC Gower Architects
Contractor: Tolent Construction
Contract Value: £12m (estimated total build cost)