Peckham Rye, London

7 Storey Residential Development

The development has 59 flats in a block which is up to 7 storeys high. There is a full basement car park, with contiguous pile walls along two sides. The foundations are piled, with a suspended basement floor slab to avoid the effects of clay heave.

The superstructure has a full reinforced concrete frame, with flat slab floors at each level. The internal layout is complex, so that several columns do not line through. This results in local transfer structures at various levels. The internal and external walls are mostly of non-loadbearing blockwork.

The penthouse flat has a steel framed pod above roof level which forms a striking architectural feature, and affords spectacular views of London.
We carried out a geotechnical and contamination investigation, provided advice on remediation and designed all the civil and structural works.

Architect: Barrett Haskins
Contractor: George Wimpey South London
Construction Value: £7M