The Galleria, Sumner Road, Southwark

5 to 10 Storey Live/Work Apartments

The building has 5 to 10 floors of flats, studios and artists' live/ work apartments. The photo above shows the five storey section with the ten storey section located behind. The superstructure is a concrete frame, with a heavy transfer slab above a basement car park. The basement has a steel sheet piled retaining wall. The penthouse apartments are steel framed. The site is underlain by gravel, with a relatively high bearing pressure permitting simple reinforced concrete pad bases rather than more expensive piling. To allow settlement of the framed structure, a sliding joint maintains the propping action of the transfer slab against the capping beam of the retaining wall.

The basement car park is ventilated through large openings in the transfer slabs, requiring complex structural analysis. To maintain rapid progress while pouring concrete flat slab upper floors, no upstands or cast-in fixings were permitted. All galvanized steel balconies and stainless steel brackets supporting brickwork were retro-fixed to the slab edge with resin adhesive anchors.

An external timber frame forms a decorative feature of sustainable tropical hardwood. The connections within this frame take account of differential movements relative to the main part of the building.

Contractor: Ardmore