Princes Foods Bradford

An existing low bay warehouse has been replaced with an enlarged building comprising low and high bay warehousing and a covered loading area.

The foundations required consideration of former deep and shallow mine workings combined with historic cut and deep fill used to provide a sensibly level site on the side of a valley. An existing drain that followed the original ground level before the construction of the main building platform with a maximum depth of 15m had to be diverted. 

Probe drilling was used to demonstrate the shallow coal seam to the north of the site outcropped short of the new building allowing the low bay warehouse to be founded on reinforced strip footings with a bearing in the existing consolidated filled ground. 

The main high bay warehouse was founded on a grid of traditional driven piles to support a loading of up to 70kN/m2, required for the high bay racking systems. The pile grid was adjusted to avoid obstruction from the buried remains of former buildings.