Newburgh, Bessemer Way, Rotherham

The project involves construction of a £2.1 million, 3300m2 extension of the Newburgh Engineering workshop at Bessemer Way, Rotherham. Eastwood and Partners were appointed by the Main Contractor, J F Finnegan Ltd, to design the foundations, ground slabs, masonry, drainage and external hardstandings for the original building and for the new extension. The steel frames were designed by Carnaby Structures and Pocklington Structures.
The building is constructed as a centrally-propped steel monopitch portal frame, and clad with profiled metal sheeting.

The ground conditions on the site consist of fill, typically to depths between 3.2m and 4.4m. The fill is predominantly steelworks waste of slag (which is potentially expansive) and brick, with areas of colliery spoil. To minimise the risk of the building becoming out of level due to settlement or soil expansion, and the potential disruption of travelling cranes, the foundations were piled and included provision for soil expansion.

Client: Newburgh Engineering Ltd
Architect: Bond Bryan Partnership
Contractor: J F Finnegan
Construction Value: £2.1 million