Leominster School, Leominster

Leominster school is a new building project consisting of three classroom wings intersecting at a central core, with a further spur off the central core which leads to the sports hall. Eastwood & Partners were appointed Structural, Geotechnical, and Mechanical/Electrical Engineers for this job.

The main structure of the building is a steel frame construction with the upper suspended floors and roofs being constructed from insitu concrete cast onto Omnia planks. The suspended concrete floors act as diaphragms transferring and distributing loads between the columns and sway frames. The in-plane stability of the building is provided by steel sway frames and the out-of-plane stability is provided by cross-bracing in the walls. 

The block work masonry infill panels forming the external cladding will contribute to the overall robustness of the structure.

Client: Amey Herefordshire
Construction Value: £9.4M